Soft as Steel another page done!

I soooo love this chart! Stitching the shade of her skin and muscles are so enjoyable. There is a couple of stitches between her breasts that I am not satisfied with though. I have double-checked if I have chosen the wrong colour but nope, the patterns is like that. I might try to change that if it keeps bugging me.

I also had an accident with the fabric. I dropped the scissors and it went right THROUGH the fabric! I wanted to cry.. I saw that it was only one or two threads in the fabric that broke, so I hurried and fedged some fabric glue and added some at the tear. I then used the patch method I have heard/learnd from fellow stitchers. Adding som pictures on a new page for anyone to see how I did. I hope it’ll hold!

Here is my Soft and Steel progress!

page 40-41 2013-07-27

Next is A Passion for the Future!

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Astranaithes page 8 DONE!

Last week I joined another weekly SAL with my lovely Astranaithes by Nene Thomas. I didn’t plan or expect to actually manage to finish yet another page, but I did! I am so happy because on page 9 the beautiful and powerful Astranathes will appear! So next time I stitch on her, it won’t just be background but part of her face as well.

Here is an update picture!

2013-07-21 - page 1-8

Next is back to Soft as Steel and finish another page.

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BB weekly SAL

So this week it is all about faeries plus children and B&W. I had the perfect chart to join in with this week! Timeless by Adele Sessle!
There is quite alot of kreinik in it, so I could have made a better progress if it wasn’t for that. How ever I managed to get 1960 stitches in so I am pretty pleased about that. It was nice to get back to this chart too, it’s been a while. It is stitched on 28 ct for the best coverage, but I have realized I do not enjoy 28 ct that much because the it gets tight and my fingers starts to hurt trying to pull the neelde through. So I do not enjoy stitching on 28 ct as much as 27 and 25 ct, which means I have a hard time to stick with those projects more than a week.. Unfortunatly.

On to the next! I think it is “start a new chart”-week on the board, starting tomorrow so I can’t resist that! Trying to figure out which to start! Treasure Dragon, Hope Returns or Zen?!

Before and after:
SAM_0210 june 26 2013

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Page 4 complete ~ A Passion for the Future

I was happy to get back to this amazing chart with soft colours, detail and drama =)

21 June 2013

The Themed SAL on HAED’s BB is faeries, babies and B&W, so I had to join with my Timeless by Sessler! I love that chart, but it’s stitched on 28ct and there is quite some kreinik in it as well so it will be hard work, but worth it =) Looking forward to share the progress!

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The Stash, Stitch and Honking Raketeers Club’s SAL!

Working on The Lady of the Mirror this SAL hosted by the awesome The Stash, Stitch and Honking Raketeers Club on Facebook. It’s a bingo-competition-SAL so it gives you some extra motivation to stick to just that one chart, which is quite difficult when you have a few you like to switch between!

I have how ever just finished page 1 of The Lady of the Mirror by Matt Stewart, charted by HAED. It looks so awesome, thoughe a lot of blue to stitch!

June 12 2013

I am going to stich with this one until the Tour de France starts at the end of June. Then I think I will go back to my Literate Dragon for a while to try to finish page 1 and 3. After that I have a few more goals to finish before I can go back to my thee BAP’s: A passion for the future, Astranaithes and Soft as steel.

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SAL QS Literate Dragon

Been working quite a bit on this SAL to get on track. I get such bad conscience when I’m not stitching what I have set up to do.. So next year I will not decide what to manage, but just enjoy any stitch and mainly the three BAP’s (Astranaithes, A Passion for the Future and Soft as Steel) I was enjoying.

QS Literate Dragon is FULL of confetti, it never ENDS! It is both fun and not so fun. It takes time to stitch and focus, but the detail and confetti gives the picture it’s omph, so I guess it is better to take a little break and focus on another SAL: the BINGO SAL held by The Stash, Stitch and Honking Raketeers Club on Facebook! In this SAL I am working on The Lady of the Mirror which the kind Johanna RAK’d me last year =)

may 2013

june 2 2013

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