Train of Dreams

~ Train of Dreams ~

This is my first HAED project.

The artist who made the Train of Dreams is no other than Randal Spangler. And he makes the most sweet and cozy art, ever! Please, don’t hesitate to visit his website:

The kind Michele Sayetta, Heaven and Earth Designs has charted this loveable piece! What would we have done with out her?!

I started stitching it on May the 29th 2011 and FINISHED on the 13th of febuary 2013!.

The total stitches of the design is 102500 and 32 pages. Not that many, for a HAED design, in my opinion.

  • This wonderful piece is stitched on 25ct evenweave, 1 over 1, full cross.
  • I stitched in 10×10 grids
  • I learned how to park threads, and I will never again stitch differently.
  • I used a floor stand and frame, from Needle Needs.

FINISHED Febuary 13, 2013