Here I would like to try to show you how to park threads, or at least how I do it.

I taught myself after weeks of reading everythig I could find about this special method of stitching. Today I can’t imagine going back to the good old cross country stitching. Not on my HAED design anyways!

(Ronjja’s parking guide on YouTube)


First I park all the threads inside the gris i am going to stitch.

Klick the picture to get a better view.



This is how I mark the pattern.
Pink highlight = parked threads.





I start to stitch and I start at the top left corner.
I also stitch full X, I don’t stitch a half and then go back like this: / / / / / \ \ \ \ \ 


All the black stitches are stitched and then I park that thread in the next grid underneath the grid I am stitching. I then continue stitching the other parked threads in the top grid.

<—– parked threads to be stitched.

Now these are stitched as well and I then park them in the grid underneath the grid I stitched.  Or even sometimes I park it in the grid to the right.

This is how my pattern looks after wards.

The pink highlights = parked threads

The yellow highlights = stitched area