Page 41 (first page) complete of Soft as Steel

I decided to start in the middle of this design, just to get to the beautiful woman as fast as possible and constand stitching of backgrounds can get a bit tiresome.

Page 41 was fast and fun! At first I was a bit worried with the colouring of her arm, but it turned out amazing! It will be so fun to get back to her. I will go left and page 40 will include some part of her muscular chest =)


page 41 april 22  2013

P.S. I went to the framers with my Train of Dreams too!!! I’ll be picking it up in a couple of weeks!!!

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One comment on “Page 41 (first page) complete of Soft as Steel

  1. Johanna on said:

    Wow, I love how this is turning out! The colors are beautiful and I think her arm looks great. Whenever I stitch something with skin I am worried how it will turn out, but all the funny bulbs of colors suddenly fit together and it looks awesome! =)

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