First layer of planking done!

I can’t believe that I have actually finished the first layer of planking on my Flying Fish! And I can’t belive that it doesn’t look as bad as I thought it would! It’s the front of the boat I’m mostly worried about. I doesn’t look right, but I hope I can make it better with the secong layer of plankning!





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Astranaithes, second row DONE!

Look at this project from a distance is just amazing. When I stitch i don’t see the detail the greens and browns are creating until I take a step back and look at it. I love this project. Simple and fast. One the next page (1st page on third row) Astranaithes dragon will apear! Can’t wait to use diferent greens!

2014-06-28 page 1-12

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Astranaithes, page 9 done!

Been working on this page for a mounth! It felt as if I lost my stitching bug… Not that I don’t want to stitch, I am simply so tired after a days hard work that I can’t find any energy or joy in stitching.

How ever I made it, I finished page 9 and her beautiful face has appeard. She looks amazing!

october 5, 2013

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Soft as Steel UPDATE

I know I should have given you all an update on A Passion for the Future. I did go back to it and stitched about 500-1000 stitches but then I felt like going back to Soft as Steel and finish the page I had to patch after the accident with the scissors. I am so amazed by any progress of this chart. The shadows and her body is just breathtaking! I am looking forward to be comming back to her.

On the 1st of September the Secret Santa SAL is starting. I had a hard time choosing which project to stitch. Go with an old one or start a new? In the end I chose Astranaithes by Nene Thomas. This is the chart I have gotten the furthes with so far atm and I know the beautiful Astranaithes is going to apear on the next two pages, so it felt like the right choise.

Here is the progress on Soft as Steel:

page 60 2013-08-25

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